"Thanks to RBR’s work, we have access to a reliable foundation of data on our core markets for the development of our business fields in the EPOS and SCO areas."
Wincor Nixdorf

"RBR's retail automation research provides competitive and market data at a level of detail unavailable anywhere else. They have set the standard for this type of information."
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (formerly IBM)

"We value the RBR research because it gives us an up-to-date, and by-country, view of the global EPOS/SCO market, which allows us to pinpoint NCR’s position. We also appreciate the fact that RBR has good insights into parts of Asia and Europe which its competitors do not."

“The research is impressive and very telling about the impact that self-service technology has had on the retail sector in recent years.”
Retail Solutions Online

Global retail technology market intelligence from RBR

RBR provides authoritative analysis of technology markets in the global retail and hospitality sectors - areas which were historically poorly served with high-quality international research. Since 2008, RBR brings the same analytical rigour and vendor-independence to research and consulting, that it has served the banking sector with for more than three decades.

The company publishes the industry's pre-eminent studies of the global market for point-of-sale software and hardware. Both are in-depth reports providing unmatched insights and reliable country-level data, including market sizes and vendor shares across multiple segments.

Global POS Software 2016 is the first in-depth worldwide study looking at this critical component of retailers' unified commerce strategies, with analysis of 46 countries and seven subsegments.

Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2017 provides market sizes and vendors shares for shipments and installed base across 53 markets. It includes current data and forecasts across four customer segments.

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