"Thanks to RBR’s work, we have access to a reliable foundation of data on our core markets for the development of our business fields in the EPOS and SCO areas."
Wincor Nixdorf

"RBR's retail automation research provides competitive and market data at a level of detail unavailable anywhere else. They have set the standard for this type of information."
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (formerly IBM)

"We value the RBR research because it gives us an up-to-date, and by-country, view of the global EPOS/SCO market, which allows us to pinpoint NCR’s position. We also appreciate the fact that RBR has good insights into parts of Asia and Europe which its competitors do not."

“The research is impressive and very telling about the impact that self-service technology has had on the retail sector in recent years.”
Retail Solutions Online

Global EPOS and Self-Checkout

Published: June 2016
Products: Programmable EPOS and Self-Checkout
Geographic coverage: 53 countries worldwide
Vendor coverage: 36 hardware suppliers
Time period: Historical (4 years) and forecasts (6 years)
Segments: Food/Non-Food, General Merchandise, Hospitality and Other
Measures: Shipments and installed base, $ value of spending on hardware and maintenance services
Format: Report in PowerPoint and Market Database in Excel
Pricing: £50,000 for full study; region/product sections from £7,500

Download a brochure (PDF 1,14 MB)

The latest press release for the 2016 study can be accessed here

Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2016 sets the standard for market intelligence on electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) and self-checkout (SCO) technology. It provides market sizes, vendor shares, forecasts and in-depth analysis for more than 50 countries worldwide, and is used by all leading industry suppliers to provide competitor benchmarking and assist with business planning and forecasting.

RBR provides authoritative analysis of automation in the retail and hospitality sectors - areas which have historically been poorly served with high-quality, independent research. RBR brings the same international perspective and analytical rigour to research and consulting in the retail automation sector as it has for many years in the banking automation sector.

RBR’s Global EPOS and Self-Checkout is the only resource which provides reliable forecasts and competitive analysis in 52 countries around the world.

The study uses a mix of primary and secondary research and an extensive in-house database of historical information to produce a product of unmatched quality. Primary research includes a detailed vendor survey backed up by telephone and face-to-face interviews with key industry players.

The latest research shows that in 2015, 1.9 million EPOS terminals and 29,000 SCO units were shipped worldwide. The study forecasts how EPOS markets will evolve as economies recover, the retail sector develops and disruptive new technologies emerge. The SCO market is diversifying, with new technologies complementing “traditional” self-checkout, where the consumer scans, bags and pays unassisted. The study will help clients identify opportunities for cashless and compact self-checkout formats, modular solutions, pay towers with - or without - mobile self-scanning, and automated tunnel scanning.

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