Teller Automation and Branch Transformation 2017

Faced with changing customer behaviours and ever-increasing cost pressures, banks are undertaking wholesale reviews of branch strategy and transforming their branches, making radical changes to the format, technology and staffing model of the branch.

The teller assist unit (TAU) is viewed by many as a vital enabler of branch transformation, with significant potential for greater deployment as financial institutions conduct such branch transformation programmes. At the same time, an increasing range of alternative teller automation solutions, including assisted self-service terminals, may become increasingly popular.

The study examines what technologies banks plan to utilise to transform their branches and the role of the people within them. It reports the current deployment levels of TAUs among banks and other financial institutions and the future potential for TAUs and other new teller automation solutions in 26 countries worldwide, while identifying the main market drivers and inhibitors of TAU deployment.

The information and insights contained in this report help suppliers make better, more informed decisions about how best to take advantage of market opportunities, by establishing:

  • How branch strategies are evolving
  • What new teller automation solutions are being utilised by banks
  • The current size and structure of the market for TAUs
  • How the TAU market is likely to change over the next few years
  • Which countries have the largest potential for TAU solutions
  • The main market drivers, inhibitors and vendor selection criteria
  • The critical market requirements


key info and pricing

Published: February 2017
Pages: 964
Tables and figures: 470
Countries: 26 detailed country reports
Full report from £35,000 (printed + electronic multi-user licence)

geographic coverage

Austria • France • Germany • Italy • Netherlands • Poland • Portugal • Russia • Saudi Arabia • South Africa • Spain • Switzerland • Turkey • Ukraine • United Kingdom

Brazil • Canada • Mexico • USA

Australia • China • India • Indonesia • New Zealand • Singapore • Thailand


The 960-page report comprises an introductory section with international comparisons and analysis, and 26 individual country reports, which have a common structure:

  1. Market overview
  2. Branch strategy – branches and teller positions, branch transformation initiatives, omnichannel integration and customer experience
  3. Current TAU market – market size and growth, main deployers, functionality and hardware features, service and maintenance, customer acceptance, terminal usage, connectivity
  4. Manufacturers – market shares and vendor selection criteria
  5. Assisted self-service and other branch technology
  6. TAU market drivers and inhibitors
  7. TAU market forecasts – forecast TAU installed base and shipments, future TAU market requirements, future levels of branches and teller positions, future of alternative branch technology
  8. Deployer profiles
  9. Annex