Self-service Banking: Best practice and case studies (2nd edition)

This second edition of “Self-Service Banking: Best Practice and Case Studies” addresses self-service strategy in the context of retail banking strategy more broadly. It provides an overview of how self-service banking is being used and developed within an increasingly complex multi-channel delivery environment. The report aims to inform the thinking of senior executives on the critical issues that must be addressed in order to maximise the benefits that self-service can deliver.

The first part of the report considers the role of self-service in retail banking through a set of case studies from around the world. The second part reviews, with examples, the issues that contribute to the effectiveness of the self-service investment. It offers guidance on developing and implementing a comprehensive self-service strategy.


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Published: June 2014
Pages: 142
Author: David Cavell
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RBR executive reports

This report is part of RBR’s “Executive Report” series which provides expert opinion on topical issues in the banking automation, ATMs, cards and payments sectors.

The reports provide a mix of information, analysis, insights and implications and are aimed at senior executives or others looking for informed commentary on key industry issues.



  1. Absa Group, South Africa
  2. Caixabank, Spain
  3. Credit Suisse, Switzerland
  4. First National Bank (FNB), South Africa
  5. HDFC Bank, India
  6. HSBC, UK
  7. ING Group
  8. The German Sparkassen
  9. Wells Fargo, USA

contents (continued)


  1. Self-service in the ‘branch’
  2. The Agile Bank
  3. Self-service and biometrics
  4. Self-service functionality and facility
  5. Effective customer migration to self-service
  6. The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)
  7. Self-service strategy development
  8. Conclusions