Mobile Self-Scanning and Checkout-Free 2022

Consumers expect convenient, personalised and speedy shopping experiences – to match innovators, retailers need to reduce friction from in-store checkout. Mobile Self-Scanning and Checkout-Free 2022 is the second edition of RBR’s study of technologies that eliminate the end-of-shop scanning process.

The study covers mobile self-scanning offerings using both retailer-owned and consumer-owned devices. It also includes checkout-free technologies that utilise any combination of cameras and other sensors (e.g. weight), at store, shelf, cart or basket level. The new edition also provides year-by-year forecasts to 2027.

Mobile Self-Scanning and Checkout-Free 2022 combines a mix of primary and secondary research with RBR’s in‑house data, market understanding and research expertise: it delivers reliable market sizes and vendor shares, plus in-depth analysis  and commentary for 23 countries worldwide.

Retailers, technology vendors, payments firms and other industry stakeholders need intelligence on this dynamic market: the study supports a range of strategic planning activities including prioritisation of market opportunities, competitive analysis and identification of M&A opportunities.

key info and pricing

Published: May 2022
Products: Mobile Self-Scanning and Checkout-Free technologies
Metrics: Number of stores, number of retailer-owned mobile self-scanning devices
Data: Market sizes for 2021 and 2020, plus annual forecasts to 2027; technology supplier market shares for 2021 and 2020
Format: Report in PowerPoint and Database in Excel
Pricing: £27,500


Geographic coverage: Global coverage with data for 23 country markets
Vendors: 70+ across checkout-free technology, mobile self-scanning software and hardware, including AiFi, Amazon, BudgetBox, Caper, Datema, Datalogic, Fujitsu, NCR, Re-Vision, Toshiba and Zebra
Segments: Size of stores – micro, small, medium/large
Customers: Grocery, Drugstore, Convenience, Speciality Softgoods, Speciality Hardgoods, Mixed General Merchandise

geographic coverage

Australia • China • India • Japan • Singapore • South Korea • Others

USA • Brazil • Canada • Chile • Others

France • Germany • Italy • Netherlands • Poland • Russia • Spain • Sweden • UAE • UK • Others