Global POS Software 2021

In an omnichannel world, the in-store experience needs to echo and enhance retailers’ online capabilities: the POS application thus plays a key role in enabling “unified commerce”. However, software vendors lack a reliable, global view of their market presence and that of their competitors.

Global POS Software 2021 is the sixth edition of the only in-depth international study of this dynamic market. Drawing upon an unparalleled primary and secondary research effort, Global POS Software 2021 enables international industry suppliers to:

  • Understand the overall market context, and identify future opportunities
  • Benchmark versus their competitors by geography and customer segment
  • Provide authoritative, independent substantiation of their market presence and growth in marketing communications

Global POS Software 2021 provides deep market insights built on a rigorous analysis of 2,150 projects, by more than 100 vendors and comprising 8.5 million POS installations. The study report includes commentary and insights into the grocery, general merchandise and hospitality segments, at individual country level.

Alongside the report, clients receive a market database providing comprehensive figures by country and vendor for all eight subsegments.

key info and pricing

Published: October 2021
Products: POS Software
Geographic coverage48 countries worldwide
Subsegments: Eight across grocery, general merchandise and hospitality segments
Vendor coverage: 100+ software suppliers including Aptos, Diebold Nixdorf, Extenda Retail, Flooid, Fujitsu, GEBIT, GK Software, Heading, Heartland, Linx, NCR, NEC, Oracle, PAR, Shiji Group, TCS, Toshiba and Veras
Metrics: Total POS installations June 2021 (and June 2020); New POS installations 2020-2021 (and 2019-2020), plus forecasts 2021-2026
Format: Report in PowerPoint and Database in Excel
Pricing: £37,000

geographic coverage

Australia • China • India • Indonesia • Japan • Malaysia • New Zealand • Philippines • South Korea • Taiwan • Thailand  • Others

North America
Canada • USA

Latin America
Brazil • Chile • Colombia • Mexico • Others (incl. Caribbean)

Western Europe
Austria • Belgium • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Ireland • Italy • Netherlands • Norway • Portugal • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • UK • Others

Central and Eastern Europe
Czechia • Hungary • Poland • Russia • Slovakia • Others

Middle East and Africa
Israel • Saudi Arabia • South Africa • UAE • Others