Global POS Software 2020

In an omnichannel world, the in-store experience needs to echo and enhance retailers’ online capabilities: the POS application thus plays a key role in enabling “unified commerce”. However, software vendors lack a reliable, global view of their market presence and that of their competitors.

Global POS Software 2020 is the fifth edition of the only in-depth international study of this dynamic market. Drawing upon an unparalleled primary and secondary research effort, Global POS Software 2020 enables international industry suppliers to:

  • Understand the overall market context, and identify future opportunities
  • Benchmark versus their competitors by geography and customer segment
  • Provide authoritative, independent substantiation of their market presence and growth in marketing communications

Global POS Software 2020 provides deep market insights built on a rigorous analysis of more than 2,000 projects, by more than 100 vendors and comprising 8 million POS installations. The study report includes commentary and insights into the grocery, general merchandise and hospitality segments, at individual country level.

Alongside the report, clients receive a market database providing comprehensive figures by country and vendor for all eight subsegments.

key info and pricing

Published: October 2020
Products: POS Software
Geographic coverage48 countries worldwide
Subsegments: Eight across grocery, general merchandise and hospitality segments
Vendor coverage: 100+ software suppliers including Aptos, Diebold Nixdorf, Extenda Retail, Flooid, Fujitsu, GEBIT, GK Software, Heading, Heartland, Linx, NCR, NEC, Oracle, PAR, Shiji Group, TCS, Toshiba and Veras
Metrics: Total POS installations June 2020 (and June 2019); New POS installations 2019-2020 (and 2018-2019), plus forecasts 2020-2025
Format: Report in PowerPoint and Database in Excel
Pricing: £36,000

geographic coverage

Australia • China • India • Indonesia • Japan • Malaysia • New Zealand • Philippines • South Korea • Taiwan • Thailand  • Others

North America
Canada • USA

Latin America
Brazil • Chile • Colombia • Mexico • Others (incl. Caribbean)

Western Europe
Austria • Belgium • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Ireland • Italy • Netherlands • Norway • Portugal • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • UK • Others

Central and Eastern Europe
Czechia • Hungary • Poland • Russia • Slovakia • Others

Middle East and Africa
Israel • Saudi Arabia • South Africa • UAE • Others