Retail Cash Automation 2018

As part of their store transformation projects, retailers are looking to make store operations more efficient. Cash accounts for a significant share of consumer payments, but is handled mostly manually.

RBR’s Retail Cash Automation 2018 is the first international study of this growing market for technologies, delivering insights to industry suppliers through a two-phase study:

  • Phase 1 analyses 13 key country markets for retail cash automation across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. It provides market sizes for cash acceptors and recyclers, deployed in the back office and at the point of sale, for four retail segments, as well as competitor share data for each product
  • Phase 2 examines the perspectives of retailers across the grocery, convenience and general merchandise sectors, as well as hospitality operators. It is based on in-depth interviews with 30 retailers across the 13 countries covered in phase 1



key info and pricing

Published: April 2018
Pages: Report 110, Profiles 80
Vendors: 40+
Countries: 13
Cost: Full report £35,000


The phase 1 report provides in-depth analysis of world and country markets, by product, retail sector and vendor:

  • Installations as of Q4 2017
  • Product segmentation: data for acceptors and recyclers, split between back office and point of sale
  • Customers: data for grocery, convenience, general merchandise and hospitality segments

The phase 1 report is accompanied by a comprehensive market database enabling bespoke analysis.

Topics addressed in the phase 2 report and retailer profiles include:

  • Cash operations at traditional point of sale and self-service terminals
  • Experiences with cash automation and
  • Drivers and inhibitors of cash automation
  • Functional requirements
  • Procurement process
  • Vendor and product selection criteria
  • Use of alternative cash management technologies

geographic coverage

Data are provided,and interviewees drawn from, 13 countries:

Asia Pacific
Australia • Singapore

Brazil • Canada • USA • Mexico

France • Germany • Italy • Spain • South Africa • Russia • UK