Commercial Cards in Europe 2021

Commercial cards are defined as cards issued to businesses to cover expenses such as fuel, procurement, and travel and entertainment. They include Business, Corporate, Lodge, Purchasing, Fleet and Fuel cards.
Commercial cards account for less than 10% of total payment card volume in Europe and represent a major unexploited opportunity for banks and other issuers. The primary objectives of this new syndicated study are to provide critical industry and competitor benchmark data for the commercial cards sector while identifying key market drivers, emerging trends and ways of unlocking unexploited market opportunities.

The report, which is based on extensive primary research with issuers in 19 European countries, provides international card schemes, processors, issuers and other industry players with high-quality and comprehensive market data essential for strategic planning and forecasting.

Commercial Cards in Europe 2021 provides market sizes and card scheme shares for multiple metrics, including for individual card type and/or product type segments, and market forecasts to 2025. The latest edition of the study provides detailed commentary and systematic data for physical and virtual commercial cards.

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key info and pricing

Published: February 2021
Description: The Executive Report provides key market statistics, trends and analysis by country. It is complemented by a Table and Charting Tool to easily produce custom outputs, and a Market Database providing complete data segmentation.
Full report: 19-country executive report and market database £57,000; individual country reports £5,000


Metrics: Purchase volume, purchase transactions, number of cards
Card types: Prepaid, debit, charge and credit
Product types: Business, Corporate, Lodge, Purchasing, Fleet, Fuel – including virtual products
Time period: 2016-2025
Schemes: American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, domestic and private label

geographic coverage

Austria • Belgium • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Russia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • UK

key topics

  • Drivers and inhibitors
  • Use of cards for B2B payments
  • Status of contactless issuance
  • Scheme selection criteria
  • Trends in use of virtual card accounts
  • Common features (e.g. reporting)
  • Segmentation of business clients
  • Billing for Corporate card spending
  • Alternative forms of business payment
  • Interchange fees
  • Regulations
  • Leading issuers
  • Specialist issuers and new entrants
  • Departments responsible for card programmes at end users
  • Product development, sales and support strategy
  • Technology used for card programmes
  • Status of multinational card programmes