RBR conducts primary research in the banking automation, cards and payments, and retail technology sectors on a worldwide basis. Our published research reports are used by leading market participants, analysts and regulators as the authoritative source of industry and competitor benchmark data.

banking automation

Provides manufacturers, and other suppliers and industry stakeholders with critical information on banks’ branch and direct channel strategies and technology infrastructure

ATM Software
Branch Banking
Branch Transformation
Deposit Automation and Recycling
Global ATM Market and Forecasts
Omni-Channel Banking


cards and payments

Used by leading card schemes, payment service providers, analysts and regulators for detailed and reliable market and competitor data

Commercial Cards in Europe
Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts
Payment Cards Issuing and Acquiring Europe
Premium and Fuel Cards in Europe


retail technology

RBR provides authoritative analysis of technology markets in the global retail and hospitality sectors – areas which were historically poorly served with high-quality international research. The company publishes the industry’s pre-eminent studies of the global market for point-of-sale software and hardware.

Global EPOS and Self-Checkout
Global POS Software
Global Self-Ordering Kiosks
Retail Cash Automation


RBR presents

RBR discusses physical and cyber
security at BankSec 2020.

This research panel, chaired by RBR’s Sam Blackwell, discusses the key topics addressed at the most recent BankSec 2020 conference.

Attacks on ATMs, CIT, bank branches – both physical and logical – continue, in some cases increasing during the pandemic. This session highlights key trends and solutions from different markets around the world.

RBR presents

RBR discusses banking and payments trends at
Self-Service Banking Europe 2020.

This research panel, chaired by RBR’s Robert Chaundy, discusses the latest trends in self-service, fintech and digital banking.

The session reviews a number of key markets around the world, presenting the latest trends in ATM and self-service banking.

RBR presents

RBR discusses banking and payments trends at
Branch Transformation 2020.

This research panel, chaired by RBR’s Alex Maple, discusses branch banking trends, and developments in branch strategy around the world.

The session starts by discussing the impact that COVID-19 has had on branch banking and goes on to discuss different approaches seen in different countries.

RBR presents

RBR discusses COVID and post-COVID ATM and digital banking trends at OpenTecBan 2020.

The webinar, chaired by TecBan’s Marcos Mazzi, covers three main areas:

  • ATMs and COVID-19
  • Digital Payments
  • Cashback

A 30 min presentation is followed by a 15 minute Q&A session [English, with subtitles in Portuguese].


RBR presents

RBR discusses banking and payments trends at
Self-Service Banking Asia 2020.

This research panel, chaired by RBR’s Rowan Berridge, discusses topics including ATMs, automated deposit and recycling, mobile and online banking, digital payments, contactless and cashless.

The 25 minute session addresses a variety of countries in the region including China, India, Japan, Myanmar and the Philippines.