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The Future of Cash and Payments

Published: Jan 2010
Pages: 415
Countries covered: Australia • Austria • Belgium • Bulgaria • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Ireland • Italy • Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Russia • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • UK • USA

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The Future of Cash and Payments provides an independent and insightful analysis of the historic and current use of different retail payment methods (both cash and cashless) in 28 European countries, and for comparison purposes in Australia and the USA. The report also forecasts how the usage of these payment methods will change up to 2014. The Future of Cash and Payments is essential reading for central banks, banking associations, banks, retailers, payment card organisations, consumer groups and others involved in Europe’s payments industry such as CIT companies and ATM manufacturers.

The report contains information on the main infrastructural factors that influence the usage of different retail payment instruments and the cost of payments; data on payment trends between 2000 and 2008; analyses of retail payments usage against a variety of different parameters; and an independent assessment of the economics and especially the business case for cash substitution. It describes and reviews the studies on the cost of different payment instruments performed by or on behalf of European central banks, the Reserve Bank of Australia and other parties.

The report also contains insights into the impact on the usage of different payment methods of major drivers including the Payment Services Directive; SEPA; payment card interchange fees; Merchant Service Charges; contactless payments; socio-demographics; and bank policies to give pricing signals to consumers.

Strategic forecasts of the use of cash and cashless payment methods in European countries are given in two scenarios along with the implications for and the actions required by different types of stakeholders.

Outline of Report Contents:

Executive Summary
• Why is the future of cash and payments important?
Infrastructures and payment methods
• Information on key payments infrastructure elements
• Usage of different retail payment methods
Payment trends and analyses
• Cashless payment trends
• Cash payment trends
• Comparisons and analyses of infrastructural and other factors
The economics of cash substitution
• European central bank and other studies
• The business case for cash substitution
• The impact of the Payment Services Directive, SEPA and EU Regulations
• The influence of Merchant Service Charges, interchange fees, price discrimination, card fees and ATM charges
Other key drivers
• Socio-demographics
• Transaction size and retailer type
• Debit card use
• Financial crisis and recession
• Pricing signals
• Contactless payments
Strategic forecasts to 2014
• Global drivers and country characteristics
• Moderate and accelerated forecasts
• Is there a minimum level of cash usage?
Stakeholder implications and actions

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