“RBR’s cards research provides us with strategic, industry benchmark data of a quality which is heads above anything else available.”

"The level of detail and quality of research that RBR provides is simply not available from any other source."

"We require reliable and comprehensive research at both the deployer and country level. For more than a decade, RBR has provided us with such research."
Wincor Nixdorf

"We use RBR's Global ATM Study both for strategic planning centrally and for tactical planning and customer support at the local country level. The study has comprehensive geographic coverage and enough depth to allow us to access information that results in analyses that would have otherwise been impossible or impractical."

China Research

In response to the increasing interest in, and lack of high quality market intelligence on, the retail banking, banking automation and payments industry in China, RBR has published a series of dedicated reports on the Chinese market.

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ATMs in China: Hardware, Software and Services 

Published: June 2015
Pages: 75
Price: £1,800 (printed – see order form for other formats)

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China has the world’s largest ATM market. The number of ATMs in the country has soared from 223,000 to 615,000 in just five years. As the market has grown, the dynamics of the market have changed. The role of different types of ATM deployer, the mix of ATM types and the manufacturers supplying terminals have all evolved significantly.

This latest report is by far the most detailed analysis ever published of the Chinese ATM sector. It provides a comprehensive commentary on the development of the ATM market and accurate statistics on critical ATM metrics, covering ATM hardware, software and services. Information is provided not just at the country level, but also for all the main banks and independent ATM service providers in the country.

Payment Cards in China

Published: November 2012
Pages: 70
Price: £2,000 (printed – see order form for other formats)

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With over three billion payment cards in issue, the Chinese cards market cannot be ignored. This study is the most reliable and comprehensive ever published on this huge market, and will help users of the report understand who is issuing cards, the types of card being issued, how cards are being used, who is acquiring transactions and numerous other key issues.

The level of detail presented in this report, including not just bank issued cards, but also T&E and private label, is unparallelled, with data presented for all the major institutions in the country.

Teller Assist Units in China: Market Challenges and Opportunities

Published: January 2010
Pages: 50
Price: £2,000  (printed – see order form for other formats)

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China has by far the largest number of bank branches in the world. As the Chinese banking sector continues to develop and banks begin placing more emphasis on operational and commercial efficiency, the role of branch and teller automation is likely to increase.

Despite this opportunity, the Chinese market for teller assist units (TAUs) has not evolved as rapidly as anticipated. There is considerable uncertainty about the factors holding back deployment – this report examines the regulatory and other factors which appear to be holding back deployment and examines the market drivers which are likely to trigger expansion. In addition, the report provides an update on the latest TAU deployment status.

Retail Banking in China: Analysis and Profiles

Published: December 2009
Pages: 201
Price: £1,800 (printed – see order form for other formats)

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"Retail Banking in China: Analysis and Profiles" examines the overall retail banking market in China and provides detailed profiles of the retail banking activities and strategies of the 20 largest retail banks in the country.

The Chinese retail banking market has grown strongly over the past decade. The market is complex, with a mix of large and small institutions and government, private and foreign ownership. As in other countries the post office also plays an important role.

This report seeks to help organisations better understand the evolving retail banking environment and role and strategies of the key players. Whether you are a supplier to the retail banking sector, or a financial services provider, this report will prove invaluable in supporting your Chinese retail banking strategy.

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