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ATM Software 2016

Published: March 2016
Deliverables: Report (240 pages) containing quantitative and qualitative analysis, plus detailed profiles of 74 interviewed banks (225 pages) and a complete market database in Excel
Data scope: Application and monitoring software
Vendor coverage: 37 suppliers, including ATM manufacturers and independent software companies
Geographic scope: Global, including 64 individual countries
Time period: End-2015 data, plus 2020 forecasts and historical data back to 2007
Price: £32,500 (printed + electronic multi-user licence)

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Banks’ ATM software projects increasingly extend beyond the channel. Omnichannel initiatives see the ATM linked with mobile banking and CRM systems, while branch transformation projects demand extended functionality and integration capabilities. Banks' requirements are therefore changing rapidly, from both technical and business perspectives.

ATM Software 2016 provide vendors and other industry stakeholders with comprehensive market and competitor data, plus in-depth analysis of banks’ future plans and procurement strategies

Data are presented for both applications (including middleware platforms) and monitoring software:
 End-2015 data by country and region
 Size of multivendor software sector and total bank-grade ATM market
Number and names of banks using multivendor software
 Vendor shares of multivendor software and (for application software) the overall market
 2020 forecasts for application software, along with historical data (2007, 2009 and 2012)
Topics addressed in the report and the deployer profiles include: 
Projects in the ATM channel (omnichannel, branch transformation etc.) and their influence on software strategy
 Separation of hardware and software procurement
 Software purchasing process including vendor and product selection criteria
 Perspectives on ATM monitoring

Data are provided for the following 64 countries individually and in aggregate for the other markets within each region:
Asia Pacific
Australia • Bangladesh • China • Hong Kong • India • Indonesia • Japan • Malaysia • New Zealand • Pakistan • Philippines • Singapore • South Korea • Taiwan • Thailand • Vietnam
North America
Canada • USA
Latin America:
Argentina • Brazil • Chile • Colombia • Mexico • Peru • Venezuela
Western Europe
Austria • Belgium • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Ireland • Italy • Netherlands • Norway • Portugal • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • UK
Central and Eastern Europe
Belarus • Bulgaria • Croatia • Czech Republic • Hungary • Kazakhstan • Poland • Romania • Russia • Serbia • Slovakia • Slovenia • Ukraine
Middle East and Africa
Egypt • Iran • Israel • Kenya • Morocco • Nigeria • Saudi Arabia • South Africa • UAE

The information in ATM Software 2016 is based on extensive primary research and is not available from any other source.

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