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ATM Networks and Sharing in Asia

Published: February 2014
Description: Executive report (80 pages) containing quantitative and qualitative analysis of each country and detailed profiles of 10 domestic shared ATM networks
Geographic coverage: Six countries in Asia: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam
Price: £15,000 (printed + electronic multi-user licence)

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Asia-Pacific is the world's largest regional ATM market, with 1.2 million machines in operation. The markets of south and southeastern Asia are expected to be among the fastest-growing globally over the next five years. This study sets out to deliver a more in-depth understanding of ATM networks and sharing in six key countries: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. It is based on primary research with more than 60 institutions, and includes all 10 major domestic shared ATM networks.

The insights and findings from this in-depth study are delivered through an 80-page report with detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis. This authoritative report is an invaluable tool for international card schemes, independent ATM deployers, processors, ATM outsourcing providers and any other company active in the ATM sector in these countries, helping them ensure their business strategy enables them to capitalise on opportunities in these dynamic markets.

The report comprises an Executive Summary drawing together key trends, together with in-depth country reports that provide detailed analysis of each market:

• Key ATM market facts
• Summary of domestic ATM networks
• ATM processors, data centres and outsourcing providers
• Consumer ATM fees
• Consumer behavior including on-us vs. not-on-us ATM usage
• International card schemes’ ATM acceptance, at country and bank level

The in-depth profiles of each networks includes:

• Key facts including ownership, membership and transaction volume
• Services provided to members
• Cardholder facilities supported
• Rules and regulations
• Fees (switching, joining etc.)

The information in ATM Networks and Sharing in Asia is based on extensive primary research and is not available from any other source.

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