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Merchant Acquiring in Europe

Published: April 2012
Description: Report containing key market statistics, trends and analysis on Europe's six largest acquiring markets
Countries covered: France • Germany • Italy • Spain • Turkey • UK
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Payment card usage is being driven by the increase in the number of acceptance points and the rapid expansion of e-commerce, creating growth opportunities for merchant acquirers and processors. The current economic and financial crisis has accelerated the ongoing consolidation of the banking sector in several European countries. This is having direct ramifications on the merchant acquiring sector, through the merger of national acquirers, the emergence of independent pan-European players and increasing competition from international groups.

Merchant Acquiring in Europe 2012 sets out to provide banks, acquirers, processors and other industry players with key information on the structure, size and growth of the merchant acquiring sector in Europe’s largest markets: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK. Together these markets account for 65% of the volume and 71% of the value of card payments in the region.

The study is based on RBR’s primary research on payment card issuing and acquiring in Europe, proprietary in-house databases and extensive market knowledge. It includes transactions made not just with bank cards, but also with T&E and private label cards. RBR applies consistent definitions and conducts extensive validation to ensure data can be used for benchmarking across countries.

RBR's Merchant Acquiring in Europe 2012 study is essential reading for international card schemes, third party processors, banks, suppliers, regulators and other key industry players that are interested in, or involved in, merchant acquiring in the region, and for whom access to high quality market data is essential for strategic planning and informed decision making.

The report contains the following key market metrics for each of the countries covered:

• Acquired volume and value of card payments, by country
• Number of EFTPOS terminals, by country
• Number of merchant outlets, by scheme, by country
• Typical MSC range, by card type, by country
• Market shares of largest acquirers, by acquired volume/value of card payments, by country
• Market shares of largest acquirers by number of outlets and number of EFTPOS terminals, by country
• Volume and value of e-commerce transactions, by country
• Volume and value of acquired card payments, by leading acquirer, by country
• Interchange rates, by card type, by country

Moreover, the following key questions relating to the merchant acquiring sector will be addressed by the study:

• Who are the biggest acquirers in the market and what are their shares?
• How have these shares changed over time?
• How are transactions routed from the merchant to the switch, acquirer, processor and card scheme?
• How fast is the e-commerce card payment segment growing?
• What trends are expected in the merchant acquiring sector over the next few years?
• How is clearing and settlement conducted?
• What is the level of interchange and how has it changed over time?
• How are MSCs calculated and how have rates changed over time?

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