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Issue 368: What is the largest payment card scheme in Europe?
Issue 367: UK interchange fee proposals threaten IADs and ATM provision
Issue 366: Bank branch numbers – the big global divide
Issue 365: Are Chinese ATM manufacturers a threat to Diebold Nixdorf and NCR?
Issue 364: Contactless no longer just replacing traditional debit card payments
Issue 363: Cards sector growth driven by lower value payments and contactless
Issue 362: What is the future for assisted self-service terminals?
Issue 361: Could ATM pooling become more common?
Issue 360: ATM shipments becoming increasingly volatile
Issue 359: New £1 coin could be the UK's last
Issue 358: Countervailing pressures create complex TAU market dynamic
Issue 357: How ATM interchange fees became headline news in the UK
Issue 356: Branch transformation gathering pace
Issue 355: Deposit automation and recycling drives revenues as ATM unit growth slows
Issue 354: Increased public and political awareness of cyber crime ratchets up pressure on banks
Issue 353: Growth rate shifts emphasise new ATM market dynamics
Issue 352: Omnichannel underpins ongoing growth in multivendor ATM software
Issue 351: UnionPay and RuPay lead resurgence in domestic card schemes
Issue 350: Exploiting the power of ATM monitoring software
Issue 349: RBR's ATM research follows the market to Asia
Issue 348: No need to lament the demise of the €500
Issue 347: European card acceptance market far from saturated
Issue 346: Has ATM software become more strategic than hardware?
Issue 345: ATM density a good guide to potential, but far from perfect
Issue 344: Dynamic European cards market to change as interchange regulation takes effect
Issue 343: Scheme mandates ensure growth in contactless payments in Europe will continue
Issue 342: Logical fraud and cybercrime take centre stage 
Issue 341: Rise of Asian ATM manufacturers puts pressure on the 'Big 3'
Issue 340: Cash payments are proving resilient in face of intense competition
Issue 339: Reports of death of domestic payment card schemes greatly exaggerated
Issue 338: Apple Pay to usher in mobile payments in the UK
Issue 337: Global ATM shipments on 5-year rebound, driven by recyclers
Issue 336: How significant is the opportunity for foreign card schemes in China?
Issue 335: The politics of branch closures
Issue 334: Branch transformation leads to complex mix of branch automation technologies
Issue 333: Don't ignore Southeast Asia
Issue 332: Growing revenues is key to successful branch transformation

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