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Bulletin Supporters is a monthly listing in RBR’s research newsletter Banking Automation Bulletin. It is the most cost effective way of raising awareness of your company and what you do.

Banking Automation Bulletin offers unrivalled exposure to more than 1,000 of the world’s most important banks. There is no other publication or website that reaches such a targeted and relevant audience. The Bulletin is an excellent marketing vehicle for suppliers of self-service and digital banking technology and solutions, branch banking products and solutions and providers of cards and payments related services.

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Alogent’s end-to-end cheque payment processing, content and information management, digital banking, and loan origination technologies are proven to automate more than 2,400 financial institutions’ transaction ecosystems in North America, the UK and at other international banks. Paired with powerful enterprise-wide reporting, predictive analytics and data visualisations, Alogent delivers cross-channel, actionable business intelligence.





ARCA’s solutions help people control and streamline cash operations in financial institutions, retail stores and self-service kiosks around the world. The company’s overriding drive is to develop technology that make transactions simpler, and more secure. ARCA reimagines everyday transactions – free people to focus on what matters most




Auriga is a leading supplier of software and technological solutions for omnichannel banking. Auriga’s WinWebServer (WWS) is a proven multivendor and modular solution providing financial institutions with comprehensive management banking services. It also provides the most effective security and cyber risk management capabilities, thanks to its centralised cyber security solution that protects, monitors and controls the entire banking asset network.



Axis Communications continues to support the banking sector with Secure by Design network cameras, background and controlled public address audio, access control and advanced analytic technology. Mitigating the ever-evolving security threat landscape, improving operational efficiency and cost, reducing environmental impact, whilst enhancing customer and staff experience.





BPC delivers best in class innovative solutions to 300 institutions across 90 countries, including national switches, retail banks, neobanks, PSPs and government bodies. BPC’s SmartVista suite covers the end-to-end banking and payment chain: digital banking, ATM switch, payment processing, card and fraud management, financial inclusion, merchant acquiring and more.




BVK is an innovative security technology provider. We are specialists in the development and production of smart, connected security devices and web-based management and monitoring applications. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, BVK’s solutions are marketed through an international sales network in more than 50 countries. For more details about our solutions, please contact us!




Cloudexa is a global FinTech company that specialises in next generation, cloud-based device monitoring and management solutions. Financial institutions and managed service providers utilise our industy-leading SaaS platform to monitor and manage a variety of devices including ATMs, ITMs, CDMs, cash recyclers, kiosks, and more.




Digital and mobile payments and physical cards will go hand-in-hand for years to come. Entrust offers a unique portfolio of solutions that enable secure digital payments, high-volume issuance of payment cards, and instant issuance of fully personalised cards – all while minimising security threats and protecting identities.




Parabit Systems is a leading global provider of innovative security and self-service solutions. Serving six top EU and 14 of the top 15 US banks, Parabit’s high-performance solutions are scalable, drive operational efficiency through current and future challenges of the FI industry, while modernising CX.





Spinnaker creates cutting-edge technology to help financial institutions and retailers protect high value assets. The company’s market-leading security products are designed and manufactured in South West England, and used in over 45 countries. Spinnaker offers end-to-end expertise, with the objective to stop criminal activity and protect people from harm.



As the demand for cash is declining, banks struggle to find more efficient ways of providing this service to their customers. Through ATM pooling based on our ATM platform and services, Tietoevry Banking delivers a cost efficient and reliable value chain for distribution and provision of cash to society.