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Issue 368 | January 2018

  • What is the largest payment card scheme in Europe?
  • European issuers look to contactless cards
  • Banks seek to rethink the branch experience
  • Emerging markets poised for impressive ATM growth
  • Explosive ATM attacks rising in Germany
  • New payment tools and MSC reforms slow China cards
  • Can new legislation energise Ukraine’s cashless economy?
  • Is India transitioning to a less-cash society?
  • Why cash demand and card usage are both up in Australia
  • Indonesia hosts latest and greatest in self-service banking
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Latvia

Issue 367 | December 2017

  • UK interchange fee proposals threaten IADs and ATM provision
  • Financial inclusion at the heart of growth in MEA banking
  • Harnessing the power of FinTech: special forces in the battle of branch banking
  • Challenger banks face their own challenges
  • Diminishing influence of cash and ATMs across the Nordics
  • Collaboration rules in digital identity
  • Unpredictable fraud still threatening e-commerce
  • Card usage for e-commerce spending soars worldwide
  • The pros and cons of banks’ technological innovations
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Turkey

Issue 366 | November 2017

  • Bank branch numbers – the big global divide
  • Smaller, more efficient branch networks the way forward
  • The weaknesses of whitelisting
  • ATM  & Cyber Security - collaboration and effective use of technology are vital
  • Phishing waning in Germany, but  cyber crime still rising
  • Regulatory change to drive off-site ATMs in Pakistan
  • Umpqua Bank – reinventing banking again!
  • Branch transformation that transcends channels
  • Non-cash payments rise by fastest pace in a decade
  • ATM and cards intelligence on the Chile

Issue 365 | October 2017

  • Are Chinese ATM manufacturers a threat to Diebold Nixdorf and NCR?
  • Top four ATM markets make up half of the world total
  • Dutch banks step up ATM security in wake of attacks
  • Growing use of biometrics at ATMs and unattended kiosks
  • The GDPR – Risk management and opportunity knock
  • Instant Payments combine cash and electronic payments
  • Five ways your ATM’s logical defences could be stronger
  • Keeping one step ahead to ensure cash and public safety
  • ATM and cards intelligence on the Czechia

Issue 364 | September 2017

  • Contactless no longer just replacing traditional debit card payments
  • Card-accepting merchant outlets surpass 60 million worldwide
  • Aussie consumers leaving cash behind for cards
  • Over half of UK retail payments made with cards
  • Cash usage diminished, but still significant in UK
  • The much exaggerated death of the ATM
  • Separating ATM hardware and software purchasing
  • Discovering what is new in branch transformation
  • ATM and cards intelligence on the Netherlands

Issue 363 | August 2017

  • Cards sector growth driven by lower value payments and contactless
  • Card payments worldwide surpass 300 billion
  • Card fraud in France: losing the battle, winning the war?
  • Iran’s stellar growth in card usage
  • Is your customer experience a ‘want’ or a ‘need’?
  • From Bitcoin to blockchain and beyond
  • Omnichannel – making channels and systems talk
  • Alfa-Bank brings mobile NFC withdrawals to Russia
  • Tackling physical and logical crime through collaboration
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Malaysia

Issue 362 | July 2017

  • What is the future for assisted self-service terminals?
  • Assisted self-service plays key role in branch transformation
  • Bank blockchain – moving out of the blocks
  • Cash shortages following ‘demonetisation’ in India
  • Scamming: technology is only a part solution
  • The role of cash during crisis and disaster
  • Collaboration and personalisation key for banks
  • UK payments – tipping towards acceleration
  • Banks and fintechs expect to enhance collaboration
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Slovenia

Issue 361 | June 2017

  • Could ATM pooling become more common?
  • Potential for further ATM services outsourcing in Asia
  • UK fraud detection rate falls as perpetrators evolve methods
  • How globalisation and centralisation can support local efficiency
  • Strategic outsourcing provides powerful catalyst for change
  • Economic prosperity and new initiatives boost North American cards
  • How banks are integrating the physical with the digital
  • Keeping banking local with independent transaction hubs
  • German cards opening up to new technologies
  • UK stands out as world leader for e-commerce
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Sweden

Issue 360 | May 2017

  • ATM shipments becoming increasingly volatile
  • Annual global ATM shipments fall for second year in a row
  • Mobile money continues to foster financial inclusion
  • Recycling is fundamental on the journey to cash automation
  • Balancing multiple objectives of payments regulations
  • Localising physical channel strategies in a digital-first world
  • Finnish installed base halves from 1990s peak
  • Collaboration for banks and fintechs vital for PSD2
  • ATM architectures and organisational efficiency
  • Cyber attacks targeting banks on the rise
  • Self-Service Banking Asia 2017 showcases vibrancy of region
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Canada

Issue 359 | April 2017

  • New £1 coin could be the UK's last
  • Turbulent Ukranian banking sector fails to dampen cashless payments
  • Developing an omnichannel strategy in the 21st century
  • Robos put feelers up and out across the banking sector
  • The beginning of the end for cash usage in Japan?
  • Contactless provides new opportunities for charities
  • E-commerce fraud prevention: a delicate balance
  • Making payments fit for IoT
  • Celebrating 10 years of Merchant Payments Ecosystem
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Greece

Issue 358 | March 2017

  • Countervailing pressures create complex TAU market dynamic
  • Teller Automation - TAUs grow despite alternative technologies
  • Asia-Pacific - a diverse region for retail banking
  • ATMS and API - a changing world requires changing perceptions
  • Weathering the storm of change for bank tellers
  • ATM cyber attacks - the Cobalt Group’s jackpotting spree
  • Mobile branches in Mexico show potential for financial inclusion
  • Current account switching made easier in France
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Philippines

Issue 357 | February 2017

  • How ATM interchange fees became headline news in the UK
  • Financial inclusion initiatives boost debit issuance and usage in LatAm
  • Virtual assistants offer customer experience real benefits
  • Mozambique takes steps towards a universal network
  • Cashless payments soar as solutions grow in sophistication
  • Growth of T&E cards to remain strong in years ahead
  • IFR and PSD2 reshaping European payments landscape
  • Spain focuses on tackling CNP fraud
  • The LINK that shouldn’t be missed
  • Leading banks and industry experts to meet at  Self-Service Banking Europe 2017 event
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Kazakhstan

Issue 356 | January 2017

  • Branches seek relevance amidst rise of digital channels
  • Criminals change tactics as South African fraud levels drop
  • Chinese payment cards exceed 6 billion in 2016
  • High usage in MEA indicates ample room for ATM growth
  • ‘Interesting times’: A blessing or a curse for UK banks?
  • Egyptians starting to embrace electronic payments
  • Financial inclusion efforts in Thailand look promising
  • IAD share of Polish ATM installed base is rising rapidly
  • Self-Service Banking Asia spotlights the Philippines
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Switzerland

Issue 355 | December 2016

  • Deposit automation and recycling drives revenues as ATM unit growth slows
  • Automated deposit ATMs are becoming the standard
  • Domestic cards account for 28% of European card spend
  • UK cash usage decline as consumers prefer debit cards
  • What next for digital provision... and where does this leave the branch? 
  • Bringing innovation to self-service banking
  • True innovation in self-service banking
  • Counter the $2 billion card-skimming threat
  • Efforts to unify fragmented Russian CIT sector?
  • Assisted self-service – allowing Russian banks to go ‘tellerless’?
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Taiwan

Issue 354 | November 2016

  • Increased public and political awareness of cyber crime ratchets up pressure on banks
  • Strong rise in card usage for e-commerce payments
  • Collaboration and technology key to bolstering ATM security
  • What does branch transformation really mean?
  • Defending against logical attacks on ATMs
  • A shift in perspective: Branch transformation in the digital era
  • Financial inclusion boosts both card and ATM markets in MEA
  • Will recent network attacks change the landscape of ATM cyber security?
  • Beyond branch transformation… What next?
  • Non-cash payments rising while banks face going digital
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Russia

Issue 353 | October 2016

  • Growth rate shifts emphasise new ATM market dynamics
  • Financial inclusion campaigns drive global ATM expansion
  • BKA warns of cyber threats
  • US EMV migration uneven between sectors
  • Varied uptake of note degradation at the ATM
  • Contactless card transactions treble in Europe in 2015
  • Domestic card scheme growth driven by India and Brazil
  • Biometrics – strong, secure and user friendly
  • ATM sector contracts yet innovates in Ukraine
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Italy

Issue 352 | September 2016

  • Omnichannel underpins ongoing growth in multivendor ATM software
  • Multivendor market driven by separate ATM HW-SW purchasing
  • Discover is most widely accepted scheme worldwide
  • Transformational ATM software
  • The reason your organisation doesn’t act like a start-up
  • Transforming branch transformation
  • Is the UK moving towards a cashless society?
  • French domestic card fraud losses continue to decline
  • The eIDAS regulation: a new dawn of digital opportunity
  • PrivatBank ATM network optimised through cloud-based systems
  • Branch transformation continues to gain momentum
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Kenya

Issue 351 | August 2016

  • UnionPay accounts for 37% of global payment card spend
  • UnionPay and RuPay lead resurgence in domestic card schemes
  • Belarus – No longer a country of ‘millionaires’
  • Staff and supplier buy-in key to purchasing card programmes
  • The impact of innovation on acquirers
  • Digital banking conference contemplates human factor
  • Brexit options and the impact on payment institutions
  • Meeting user expectations and making better decisions
  • Banks and industry experts to discuss ATM security concerns
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Lithuania

Issue 350 | July 2016

  • Exploiting the power of ATM monitoring software
  • ATMs in Asia-Pacific – a continuing success story
  • Europe’s leading ATM event reflects evolving bank sector
  • Stonegate first US bank to embrace opportunity in Cuba
  • Mobile payments in Peru – is competitive collaboration the key to success?
  • Monitoring software: the unsung hero of channel performance
  • Massive fraud attack a wake-up call to Japanese ATM deployers
  • Banking without branches
  • Europe ahead of Asia-Pacific in ATM monitoring usage
  • Russian banks face unprecedented changes
  • European payments players focus on impact on consumer
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Germany

Issue 349 | June 2016

  • RBR's ATM research follows the market to Asia
  • European ATM market growth plateaus, but software and services still strong
  • European ATM outsourcing remains complex yet dynamic
  • Various approaches to payment processing in Europe
  • Cash is still king - Consumers expect to use cash still in 10 years’ time
  • Global survey findings - Banks lack full confidence in their ATM security programmes
  • Making branches digitally competitive   
  • IADs change Israeli ATM landscape
  • Southeast Asia aware ATM industry must keep evolving
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Saudi Arabia

Issue 348 | May 2016

  • No need to lament the demise of the €500 note
  • Why is cash usage so resilient?
  • Increase in deception scams fuels rise in UK financial fraud
  • The self-service trends you can’t afford to ignore
  • Cashing in on efficiency
  • Illicit use of the €500 note
  • Mobile banking – here to take part, not to take over 
  • Future of the Bitcoin ATM still in question
  • Global ATM shipments fall to the lowest since 2011
  • US EMV migration is highlight of forum
  • UAE pay-now sector to expand in wake of lending slowdown
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Ukraine

Issue 347 | April 2016

  • European card acceptance market far from saturated
  • New regulations encourage merchant acceptance
  • NFC contactless payments – in praise of simplicity
  • Blockchain – the missing payments link
  • Debit cards to drive growth in Israeli cards market
  • ATM network management – why the right partner matters
  • Malaysia – a consumer credit card showcase     
  • Size, diversity and dynamism driving growth in Asia-Pacific
  • Managing mobile fraud – the challenges of  m-commerce
  • Where experts go for the latest in merchant payments
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Thailand

Issue 346 | March 2016

  • Has ATM software become more strategic than hardware?
  • Software: the emerging force
  • Cashless payments growing rapidly but cash is resilient
  • The dawning of a new payments ecosystem
  • Robo-advice and retail banks – a match made in heaven?
  • Using software to unleash the potential of the ATM channel
  • Transformational branches require transformational software
  • Banks, branches… and books!
  • Because time is money: The importance of efficiency in ATM management
  • Interchange fee cap: what can we learn from Poland?
  • Finovate showcases latest from FinTechs
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Denmark

Issue 345 | February 2016

  • ATM density a good guide to potential, but far from perfect
  • Demand for cash continues to drive global ATM markets
  • Further ATM sharing leads to market contraction in Brazil
  • Contactless cards make rapid gains in Germany
  • Demystifying tokenisation – what banks need to know
  • How Garanti Bank is getting mobile banking right
  • Foreign card fraud making inroads into Spain
  • Is it the end of the bilateral era for ATMs in Australia?
  • Leading ATMs conference moves to Bangkok
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Bulgaria

Issue 344 | January 2016

  • Complex European cards market still evolving
  • What does the future hold for French bank branches?
  • Belarus – the unexpected champion of payment cards
  • Branch transformation 2016 – full speed ahead but with care
  • Indian ATM market – expansion or optimisation?
  • NFC faced teething problems in 2015
  • Counter-fraud initiatives help cut South African fraud losses
  • Banking lite and prepaid cards challenge the payments space
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Austria

Issue 343 | December 2015

  • Scheme mandates ensure growth in contactless payments in Europe will continue
  • Branch transformation: no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution
  • ATM crisis in Chile: a series of unfortunate events
  • Consumer preferences: challenge or opportunity?
  • Contactless cards achieve breakthrough in Europe
  • Italians focus on boosting card payments
  • Choosing among vast selection of innovative banking solutions
  • Russian banks look to recycling ATMs for efficiency
  • Increasing standardisation in global payments is predicted
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Argentina

Issue 342 | November 2015

  • Logical fraud and cybercrime take centre stage
  • Interchange cap on consumer cards to aid commercial cards?
  • Will LankaPay be catalyst for ATM expansion in Sri Lanka?
  • Deutsche Bank's Q110 – ten years on!
  • ATM logical security - the day after
  • ATM industry looks to the threats of tomorrow
  • Fragmentation and consumer choice shape debate at PayThink
  • Cybercrime-as-a-service threatens banking security
  • ATM Security Association addresses collaboration need
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Slovakia

Issue 341 | October 2015

  • Rise of Asian ATM manufacturers puts pressure on the 'Big 3'
  • Global ATM installed base surpasses three million mark
  • Biometrics - Secure, easy and coming to a device near you!
  • Fraudulent CNP payments drive rise in card fraud losses
  • Fraud in Australia and France differ due to EMV migration
  • New legislation curbs credit but boosts cash use in Mexico
  • Ukranian ATM deployers forced to improvise
  • Merchants ponder mobile, regulations and contactless
  • Keeping up with the future cash cycle
  • India ATM conference: time to return to the world's most dynamic ATM market
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Belgium

Issue 340 | September 2015

  • Cash payments are proving resilient in face of intense competition
  • Acceptance rises as terminals deployed in new areas and sectors
  • BNM’s card framework aims to revolutionise debit usage in Malaysia
  • Cash still the way to pay in the UK
  • Banks’ ATM software priorities are changing
  • Omnichannel strategy - the critical role of multi-vendor software
  • Apple Pay keeps suspicion at bay
  • US faces a unique set of challenges in adopting EMV
  • Card payments increase in the UK, but cash still has cost advantage
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Nigeria

Issue 339 | August 2015

  • Reports of death of domestic payment card schemes greatly exaggerated
  • $20 trillion spent on payment cards worldwide in 2014
  • Credit card regulation offers tough love in Turkey
  • Rise of IADs brings change to Japanese ATM market
  • Bridging the financial inclusion gap in Latin America
  • Securing access to encrypted financial data
  • Branch transformation technology market set to reach $7.6 billion
  • Technology maximises potential of commercial cards
  • Customer service models are evolving with the aid of technology
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Romania

Issue 338 | July 2015

  • Apple Pay to usher in mobile payments in the UK
  • Customer service models are evolving with the aid of technology
  • Using branches to strengthening the bond between bank and community
  • Prepaid is card of choice for Italian shoppers
  • Bangladesh set for ATM boom in 2015
  • Facebook payments – is Facebank around the corner?
  • The payments ecosystem continues to develop
  • Should your bank’s brand be as powerful as Facebook’s?
  • Major ATM industry event highlights need for innovation
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Norway

Issue 337 | June 2015

  • Global ATM shipments on 5-year rebound, driven by recyclers
  • Asia-Pacific drives continued growth in global ATM shipments
  • Facing millennial consumers and security challenges
  • Cashing in on convenience – Creating a bright future for the ATM
  • How ATMs drive customer action for retailers and brands
  • The changing face of the Russian payment card market
  • Integrated services drive branch transformation
  • ATM growth in China – State-driven or naturally dynamic?
  • Branch transformation – Creating a balanced, meaningful strategy
  • Merchant acquiring - How to grow acceptance
  • Mobile and e-commerce – New frontiers for German cards
  • ATM fraud losses are up despite fewer attacks
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Morocco

Issue 336 | May 2015

  • How significant is the opportunity for foreign card schemes in China?
  • Why aren't European branch networks more dynamic?
  • Big data and risk management - baby steps, cumulative effects
  • Mobile payments: whose year will it be?
  • Further challenges for the payments industry
  • EMV migration - mitigating or displacing fraud?
  • Ensuring branch relevance through innovation
  • Cash and cheque usage falling in Australia
  • Mobile money drives payments industry in Kenya
  • Balancing the convenience vs safety of mobile payments
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Croatia

Issue 335 | April 2015

  • The politics of branch closures
  • Indonesia hosts first Southeast Asia ATMs conference
  • Ukraine's banking sector reels from political unrest
  • Is there a future for the Bitcoin ATM?
  • Front-end analytics: Slowly - yes; surely;  probably
  • Turkey launches new generation of ATMs
  • Strategising the development of delivery channels
  • If you can't bill it, kill it!
  • The rise and rise of contactless in the UK
  • Banking, ATM and payments news
  • Listen, learn and liaise at European ATMs 2015
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Finland

Issue 334 | March 2015

  • Branch transformation leads to complex mix of branch automation technologies
  • New technologies: key enablers of branch transformation
  • China propels Asia-Pacific ATMs and cards markets
  • Cashless payments popular but cash still strong
  • Credit cards � the continuing opportunity
  • Branches remain integral channel despite cash removal in the Netherlands
  • As Canadians go digital, what will happen to the branch?
  • Cashless Nigeria progressing but encountering hurdles
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Indonesia

 Issue 333 | February 2015

  • Don't ignore Southeast Asia
  • Middle East explores potential of its growing ATM market
  • Sharp increase in South African credit card fraud
  • Fraudulent internet card payments on the rise in Spain
  • Australia braces itself as ATM fraud migrates from Canada
  • Card-linked reward schemes - the devil is in the detail
  • Experts gather to discuss the latest in payments regulation
  • Bitcoin - becoming the Linux for transaction banking?
  • Industry unconvinced of benefits of interchange fee regulation to consumers
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Poland

Issue 332 | January 2015

  • Growing revenues is key to successful branch transformation
  • Branch Transformation event draws record attendance
  • Serving tomorrow�s customer today
  • An inter-banking battleground for mobile payments
  • Omnichannel strategy boosts customer profitability
  • Branch transformation: the options
  • Dawn breaks on cash recycling in India
  • The evolution of domestic payment cards in Russia
  • Banking, ATM and payments news
  • New ATM conference launches in southeast Asia
  • ATM and cards intelligence on the UK

 Issue 331 | December 2014

  • Deposit automation growing strongly, but huge potential remains
  • Automated deposit gaining traction with end-users
  • Integrating the ATM into the omni-channel experience
  • Innovation is driving the non-cash payments landscape
  • So many payment methods - which to adopt?
  • Multilayered security protects identities and combats malware
  • The retail payments landscape shapes up
  • Payments innovation and branch transformation focus at PayThink
  • Banks face challenges of digitisation
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Israel

Issue 330 | November 2014

  • Contactless payment still to reach tipping point in many countries
  • Collaboration is the name of the game in ATM security
  • Vast potential for contactless in Europe
  • First ATM malware attacks reported in western Europe
  • Time to transform the most valuable channel
  • Tokenisation - the way forward for mobile payments
  • Merchant cash replenishment: expanding the ATM market
  • Middle East's only dedicated ATM event returns to Dubai
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Hungary

Issue 329 | October 2014

  • Asian titans spur record global ATM growth
  • Decree 222: Chilean ATM market contracts
  • 9.9.2014: The day a future was created for mobile payments
  • Fully integrated mobile solutions: it is not yet time
  • Branch transformation - more than the transactions
  • A showcase of bank branch transformations coming soon
  • Australian rates of card fraud continue upward trend
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Ireland

 Issue 328 | September 2014

  • Phenomenal growth in global EFTPOS market
  • Asia-Pacific now largest EFTPOS terminal market
  • The power of software - Unleashing multichannel and multivendor potential
  • Overall rate of card fraud in France remains stable - 3D-Secure effective
  • Multichannel integration boosts ATM software market
  • Phishing on the rise in Germany
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Colombia

Issue 327 | August 2014

  • The interrelationship between cards and cash
  • More than 200 billion card payments worldwide in 2013
  • The next 'big thing' in technology
  • It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it
  • UK cash landscape is shifting
  • Cash still king as interchange fees cost retailers £1billion p.a.
  • Cash continues to reign in the USA
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Latvia

Issue 326 | July 2014

  • France to introduce biometrics for banking
  • Are banks finally recognising biometrics?
  • Payments technologies are yet to be fully exploited
  • The ATM in the branch - time for change?
  • Bank reps discuss mobile apps, customer data and fraud
  • Germans sluggish over mobile and contactless payments
  • Bulgarian banks suffer crisis of confidence
  • World's leading conference on ATM security back this October
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Portugal

Issue 325 | June 2014

  • China overtakes USA as the world's largest ATM market
  • Over half of global ATM shipments go to Asia-Pacific
  • European ATM conference with strong focus on enduser needs
  • 7 things you can do to create your branch of the future, today
  • The digital branch revolution is well underway
  • Delivering higher value and lower costs with ATMs
  • Big data: both threat and promise?
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Mexico

Issue 324 | May 2014

  • ATMs: not just hardware, also software and services
  • New study shows development - but not growth - for European ATM market
  • ECB reports 15% rise in European card fraud
  • IPS 2014 debates regulation, innovation and competition
  • Success of mobile payment innovations relies on security
  • Mobile financial services: evolution or revolution?
  • Card skimming at ATMs continues downward trend
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Estonia

Issue 323 | April 2014

  • Next wave of card fraud prevention solutions needed
  • Domestic ATM networks in Asia facilitate sharing
  • Fraudsters revert to traditional scamming techniques
  • EMV - what's next?
  • A hub approach for the fast-evolving world of payments
  • Boasting lower fraud, Interac seeks level playing field
  • The demise... or rise... of the bank branch
  • Complex ecosystem seeking simplicity
  • European ATMs conference ready to illuminate participants yet again
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Austria

Issue 322 | March 2014

  • How worried should ATM deployers be about end of XP support?
  • CEE drives impressive growth in payment card numbers
  • Asia-Pacific extends its lead as largest ATM and cards market
  • Beijing conference showcases growing importance of China
  • The unprotected afterlife of Windows XP
  • Card numbers exceed 4.2 billion in China
  • Bitcoin ATMs: a permanent fixture or a passing phase?
  • Retailers turn to third-party �payments gateways
  • ATM and cards intelligence on New Zealand

Issue 321 | February 2014

  • Continued growth in European acquiring market
  • Potential for a new era in banking excellence?
  • Indian ATMs address challenges as market grows
  • Using low-power ATMs in emerging markets
  • The challenges of multi-channel delivery strategies
  • Nordics share thoughts on mobile and card payments
  • But branches are booming!
  • European ATMs conference ready to illuminate participants yet again
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Bulgaria

Issue 320 | January 2014

  • New technology to play a key role in branch transformation
  • Banks look to customers for inspiration for branch transformation
  • UK branch banking � learning the lessons?
  • Innovating with ATMs - a tool for financial inclusion
  • Maximising the customer relationship via segmentation
  • EU interchange fee cap - a boost for acquiring markets?
  • Spanish card fraud up despite advanced EMV status
  • ATM and cards intelligence on the Netherlands

Issue 319 | December 2013

  • Prepaid cards growing strongly but not yet mass market
  • Prepaid cards find various roles in payment ecosystem
  • Beyond the leather: Making consumers love wallets
  • The developing opportunity in mobile banking
  • Unifying the branch and digital experience
  • Faster, easier deployment of device management solutions
  • SEPA: Are banks centralising their Pan-European ATM ops?
  • An in-depth look at the Chinese ATM market
  • Banking, ATM and payments news
  • ATM and cards intelligence on the Peru

Issue 318 | November 2013

  • Commercial cards potential remains untapped
  • Security industry responds to online and physical threats
  • Report IDs risks and potential in mobile payments security
  • Commercial cards held back by economic uncertainty
  • EAST reports continued rise in low-tech fraud
  • The case for ATM Hard Disk Encryption
  • IAF reveals rapidly changing face of modern payments
  • ATM skimming in Germany down 28% but EFTPOS fraud on rise
  • Banking, ATM and payments news
  • ATM and cards intelligence on the Czech Republic

Issue 317 | October 2013

  • Acceptance is the new battleground for the card schemes
  • Global EFTPOS installed base passed 50 million
  • Leading the way to a biometric future for ATMs
  • Cash in Russia: issues in security and risk management
  • International remittances: stalemate
  • ECB study reveals continued decline in card fraud in Europe
  • Signs of life, finally, in India�s white label ATM market
  • Inaugural ATM conference to be held in Mumbai
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Turkey

Issue 316 | September 2013

  • ATM usage provides insights into future deployment potential
  • Asia-Pacific breaks 1 million ATM mark
  • Canadian Competition Tribunal drops Visa and MasterCard case
  • Branch banking: Alive and thriving
  • Multivendor software heralds new ear of customer interaction
  • Low-value payments: Moving on from the electronic purse
  • Brazil: On the brink of a mobile payments revolution?
  • UK cash usage to fall by a third by 2022
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Japan

Issue 315 | August 2013

  • Global payment card numbers reach 10 billion
  • Banknote authentication standards set for self-fill ATMs
  • Mobile POS: part of a 'bigger game'...
  • Mobile POS seeks balance between security and usability
  • Electronic payments cutting US Social Security costs
  • EU Commission proposes cap on card interchange fees
  • French card fraud continues upward trend
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Slovenia

Issue 314 | July 2013

  • Zapp a genuine threat to card schemes and PayPal
  • Monitoring is about more than maximising ATM uptime
  • DIY banking highlights need for ATM device management
  • Where next for the ATM?
  • Managing ATMs is about adding value
  • Pressure on US ATM fees as costs rise and revenues fall
  • Universality is the key for mobile payments
  • London Olympics heralds breakthrough in contactless
  • World's leading conference on ATM security back this October
  • ATM and cards intelligence on Spain
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