ATM & Cyber Security 2017

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, London
10th-11th October 2017

ATM & Cyber Security 2017 (formerly 'ATM Security') is the world's leading conference focused on physical and logical ATM security. The event attracts over 350 delegates, representing more than 140 organisations from over 40 countries worldwide.

The event comprises a speaker programme containing important contributions from retail banks, law enforcement agencies, hardware and software providers and a range of industry bodies. This is complemented by a vendor technology exhibition area where delegates can view the latest ATM security products and services, share ideas and experiences and network with colleagues in the industry. The event focuses both on physical ATM security and newer cyber and logical security threats.

There are three main ways of getting involved in ATM & Cyber Security 2017:
- to exhibit or sponsor, please email Emily Camara
- to submit a speaker proposal, please email Stephen Reinhardt
- to attend, please book online or email Joanne Kumire

Ticket prices are as follows:
- Banks £560 +vat (until 30/04/17 - normal price £700 +vat)
- Suppliers/Others £1,280 +vat (until 30/04/17 - normal price £1,600 +vat).

For industry suppliers, the conference offers unparalleled access to key banking personnel and the chance to demonstrate thought leadership, enhance brand reputation and showcase new products and services. Get in touch if you would like further details on exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities.

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The 2017 speaker agenda is currently under development - in the meantime please see below to view the sessions from our 2016 conference. You can also get a flavour of the event viewing photos of the conference.

2016 Speaker Agenda


• Current trends in skimming  an overview from the USA
  Jason S. Chapman, Special Agent, Assistant Attaché, United States Secret Service (UK)
• You say ATM, I say ATM ecosystem – what’s the difference when it comes to security?
  Ash Khan, Head of Global Consumer Information Security, Citigroup (USA) and
Charan Jeet Singh, Head of Global Consumer Information Security Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, Citigroup (USA)
• Operational action on financial crime
  Philip Lui, Criminal Intelligence Officer, INTERPOL (France)


• Security 2.0 – beyond the endpoint
  Dena Hamilton, GM & VP of Enterprise Fraud & Security Global Software Solutions, NCR (USA)
• Panel discussion – how worried should ATM deployers be about cybercrime?
  Alvaro Andrade, CEO, Ethical Hacking Consultores (Panama)
  Marcel Angeli, Manager, ATM TPM eWorkplace Services, KBC Bank (Belgium)
  Olesya Danylchenko, Deputy Director, Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Members Association (EMA) (Ukraine)
   Jaques Rosenzvaig, Managing Director, TecBan (Brazil)


• Breaking multivendor ATM security
  Alvaro Andrade, CEO, Ethical Hacking Consultores (Panama)
• Jackpotting and software skimming – trends from the 2016 winter-spring season in Ukraine
  Olesya Danylchenko, Deputy Director, Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Members Association (EMA) (Ukraine)
• The Belgian mystery – why don't they like us?
  Marcel Angeli, Manager, ATM TPM eWorkplace Services, KBC Bank (Belgium) and Peter De Laet, Physical Security Officer, KBC Bank (Belgium)


• Managing a large ATM estate: experience from the UK
  Nigel Constable, Chief Operating Officer, NoteMachine (UK)
• Regulation, fraud trends and precautions for ATM transactions in Turkey
  Mehmet Izzet Hacialioglu, Digital Banking Security Supervisor, Garanti Bank (Turkey)
• Rise of the machines and underestimated risks in Hungary
  Nikiforosz Packosz, Senior Chief Investigator, Hungarian National Bureau of Investigation (Hungary)


• ATM logical security – adapting to new threats
  Eddie Lackie, ATM Stack Lead Engineer, Barclays (UK) and Juan Jesús León, Director of the Products Business Unit, Secure e-Solutions, GMV (Spain)
The resurgence and expansion of black box attacks
  Nicola Sotira, General Manager, GCSEC, Poste Italiane (Italy) and Jack Mannion, HW Product Management Director, NCR (UK)


• ATM attacks in the Netherlands – an overview and the latest developments
  Job Galesloot, Physical Security Officer for Domestic Banking, ING (Netherlands)
• Gas attacks in Northern Ireland – mitigation strategy and success
  Stephen Crooks, Detective Constable, PSNI (UK)
• Brazilian ATM security – an ever-evolving challenge
  Jaques Rosenzvaig, Managing Director, TecBan (Brazil)


• Mitigating ATM threats – a Sisyphean task
  Thomas Johansen, Business Developer, Danske Bank (Denmark) and Karl Pardoe, Regional Sales Manager UK&I, March Networks (UK)
• Increasing ATM protection against physical attacks while making it easier for users
  Pascal Anin, Former Staining Project Manager, La Banque Postale (France) and Patrice Rullier, Managing Director, Oberthur Cash Protection (France)


• How safe do your customers feel?
  Per Fremle, Market Research Analyst, Xtreme Nordic (Sweden) and Jenny Månsson, Director Business Development, Banking & Finance, Axis Communications (Sweden)
• Attacks against banking payments – from ATM tampering to man-in-the-middle-of-everything
  Dr Z. Cliffe Schreuders, Director, CSI Centre, Leeds Beckett University (UK)
• Co-creating ATM protection
  Alaistair Steele, PhD Candidate, University of the Arts, London (UK)


• Reducing the threat of ATM physical attacks within the UK
  Adrian Roberts, Detective Constable, West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit (UK)
• International security standards – an update
  Jeremy King, International Director, PCI Security Standards Council (UK)
• Evolving business models and risk environment – how is the CIT/CMC industry looking at its future?
  Thierry Lebeaux, Secretary General, ESTA (Belgium)


• Counterfeiter 2.0 target – human-machine transactions
  Martin Fürbach, Forensic Document Examiner, University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
• A research-based view on physical and logical ATM threats
  Alan Burt, Associate, RBR (UK)
• An assessment of ATM biometric security
  Mike Lee, Chief Executive Officer, ATMIA (South Africa)

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