"Outstanding professional experience in the area of banking and payment systems."

European Commission


Our consulting is facts-based and analytically rigorous – we believe this sets us apart from other firms. We work closely with clients to help them tackle difficult questions and convert insights into actionable strategies.

Examples of client engagements...

Conducting Strategic Reviews

  • Reviewed and developed self-service strategy for international equipment manufacturer
  • Conducted commercial due diligence of leading payment services provider for global private equity firm

Assessing International Market Opportunities and Entry Strategies

  • Developed market entry strategy for independent ATM deployer
  • Established European potential of ATM outsourcing for international manufacturer 

Evaluating Business Cases for New Products and Services

  • Researched specification and business case for new ATM module for European equipment supplier
  • Analysed the business case and potential market for third party ATM advertising 

Forecasting Demand for Products and Services

  • Evaluated potential for independent self-service deployment in multiple countries for new entrant
  • Analysed current and likely future demand for teller assist equipment for international equipment supplier

Undertaking Case Study Research and Regulatory Analysis

  • Reviewed Internet and postal banking services across Europe for Japanese consulting firm
  • Analysed the impact of regulation on the payment card sector for a European retailer organisation

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