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Self-Service Banking Asia 2020

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BS/2 is part of the “Penki kontinentai group”. For over 25 years, we have developed and provided specialised software and hardware solutions for the banking and retail industries. Our globally recognised solution ATMeye.iQ is designed to provide proactive video surveillance and fraud prevention for your ATM fleet.

dormakaba’s portfolio covers almost all government, banking, business, transit, and personal securing applications with high-security locks, electronic locks, and mechanical locks. Our 145-year history of security solutions is built on proven safe lock brands such as Kaba, Mas Hamilton and La Gard.The quality and reliability of dormakaba products will keep your property secure in all ways…always.

As a global leader in cash technology solutions, Glory provides the financial, retail, cash centre and gaming industries with confidence that their cash is protected and is always working to help build a stronger business. Glory has a substantial presence in the Asia-Pacific region and has offices around the world.

OKI, founded in 1881 and headquartered in Tokyo is a leading recycling ATM manufacturer providing top-quality products, technologies and solutions. OKI has over 35 years’ experience in recycling technology, having developed the world’s first recycling ATM in 1982. OKI has a leading share of the Japanese and Chinese recycling ATM markets.

RBR is a leading research and consulting firm specialised in the areas of banking and retail automation, cards and payments. Based in London, RBR serves clients across more than 100 countries through premium research reports, consulting, newsletters (Banking Automation Bulletin) and major events on self-service and digital banking, ATM and cyber security and branch transformation.

REINER is the market leader for high-quality and reliable self-service scanner modules for integration into ATMs and payment kiosks. Our mission is to provide long-lasting products along with excellent support and service to ensure the success of our integrators and their clients. Our scanners are used by major banks all over the world.

Sargent and Greenleaf, an American-owned company since 1865, is a manufacturer of high-security locks. A leader in the industry, S&G specialises in mechanical and electronic locks for safes, vaults, and ATMs. For over 160 years, S&G has provided locking solutions for the government, financial, residential, and commercial industries globally.

TMD Security is the global leader in ATM security and access management, the first centrally managed ‘keyless’ integrated solution for ATM top box, safe, secure room and branch. ATM management and monitoring solutions from sister company TMS ATM Software help reduce operational costs, improve ATM availability and deliver optimal customer service.