Branch Transformation 2021

The agenda for Branch Transformation 2021 features speakers from leading banks, technology providers and industry experts from around the globe. If you would like to submit a speaker proposal, please contact Gillian Shaw.

Opening keynotes

The role of the bank branch post-pandemic
Paul Speight, Director of Business Optimisation, Lloyds Banking Group (UK)

The great transition: integrating physical and digital banking
Tim Welsh, Vice Chair and Head of Consumer and Business Banking, US Bank (USA)

The next phase of branch renewal
Simon Evans, Head of Operations, Nationwide (UK) and Andrew Westhead, Regional Director – East Region, Nationwide (UK)

Keeping the branch at the heart of banking strategy
Gavin Kelly, CEO – Retail Ireland, Bank of Ireland (Ireland)

Motivations in modern banking: understanding why consumers respond in certain ways – and using the insight to build better experiences
Devon Watson, CMO, Diebold Nixdorf (USA)

How can the branch harness the power of open APIs?

Utilising collaboration and automation to create great customer experiences for all
Javed Anjum, Director of Innovation, Glory (UK) and Duncan Cockburn, CEO, OneBanks (UK)

How can the bank branch leverage the API boom?
Vinita Ramtri, Director, HSBC (UK)

Digital and physical banking – striking the right balance 

The integration of digital and physical banking
Sérgio Magalhães, Director, Branch of the Future and Digital Transformation Office, Millennium bcp (Portugal)

Integrating new branch technologies
Anthony Flack, Head of Digital Delivery, Santander (UK)

The role of video banking in the new branch proposition
Jay O’Sullivan, Platform Lead, Customer Direct Experience and Infrastructure Delivery, NatWest (UK)

Meeting in-branch customer needs with the extreme teller machine (XTM)
Seda Yilmaz, Head of Digital Channel Management, Kuveyt Türk (Turkey)

How branch networks can thrive rather than survive

Putting communities at the heart of your branch strategy
Stuart Miller, Customer Director, Newcastle Building Society (UK)

The future of the branch in a digital world – maintaining the human element
Jeff Wilkinson, Head of Strategy and Change – Distribution Network, HSBC (UK) and Carl Christon, Director of Client Services, Kiran Analytics (UK)

How smart branches provide added-value to customers
Mark Aldred, VP of International Sales, Auriga (Italy) and Silvia Garzarelli Doria, Head of Channels, Payment and Deposit Processes, Banca Carige (Italy)

Putting branches at the heart of transformation strategy
Simon Cavell, Senior Manager, Customer Experience and Divisional Support, Yorkshire Building Society (UK)

The size and shape of the branch in the post pandemic world

Branch banking: the new digital, cashless model
Patrick Farrell, Retail Banking Director, Permanent TSB (Ireland)

Branch Transformation – a forward looking vision for now and beyond
Andrey Zharsky, MD, Bank By Your Side Division, Sberbank (Russia)

Building a branch network in an increasingly digital world – key success factors
David Marlow, CEO, Nottingham Building Society (UK)

How to re-invent the in-branch experience
Rui Lopes, COO and CIO, EuroBic (Portugal)

Adopting a future focused footprint for your network
Cennox and an international bank

Technology: unlocking the potential of the branch

Embracing technology to enhance the bank branch
Diebold Nixdorf (Germany) and an international bank

The future bionic branch
Iakovos Giannaklis, General Manager, Retail Banking, Eurobank (Greece)

Improving customer touchpoints for the new normal
Andrea Saccani, Project Manager, Credem Banca (Italy)

Analytics in the branch for operational efficiency
Axis (UK) and an international bank

The branch and omnichannel: new perspectives

The role of the branch in an omnichannel strategy
Ninoush Habashian, Head of Omnichannel Enablers and Corporate SE, Swedbank (Sweden)

Remaining personal by moving to digital
Eerika Vaikmäe-Koit, Head of Baltic Retail Banking, SEB (Estonia)

Rebuilding banking operations through a new omnichannel distribution model
Vicente Moreira Rato, Head of Marketing, Novo Banco (Portugal)

Digital with the human touch – but how, what way and which channel?
Norbert Kováts, Head of Retail Operational Service Center, K&H Bank (Hungary)

Expanding digital account origination processes for a seamless in-branch experience
Alejandro Carriles, EVP, Chief Digital Officer. Simmons Bank (US)

Closing keynotes

The future of retail bank design
Lars Bønding, Manager, Interior Design, Jyske Bank (Denmark)

The branch – the best of talent and technology
Philip King, Global Head of Retail Banking, ADIB (UAE)

The post pandemic outlook for the bank branch
Michael Allen, Managing Partner, Michael Allen and Partners (UK)


This agenda will be updated regularly as new speakers are added. The order of presentations is tbc.