ATM & Cyber Security 2019

Day 1: Tuesday 8th October 2019 (09:00-17:30)

Assessing and mitigating security risks

How to measure cyber risk
Dr Keyun Ruan, Computer Scientist and Author, Google (UK)

Attack based cyber compliance
David Edwards, Head of Information Security, Coventry Building Society (UK)

Emerging cyber security threats
Andrew Gould, Detective Superintendent National Cyber Crime Programme Lead, National Police Chiefs Council

Fireside chat – using AI-powered video analytics to enhance security and the customer experience
Dr Martin Gren, Co-Founder and Director, Axis Communications (Sweden) and Peter Strom, CEO, March Networks (Canada)

Collaboration is the key to tackling cyber crime
Department of Homeland Security (USA) tbc

Explosive and ram raid attacks

Countering physical ATM attacks in Denmark
Thor Rønnow, Head of Security Nokas (Denmark)

Reducing the threat of physical ATM attacks within the UK
Adrian Roberts, Detective Constable, West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit (UK)

Physical ATM attacks – how to respond to this ongoing
European bank tbc

Cyber security strategies

ATM and cyber fraud trends in Ukraine 2018-2019
Oleysa Danylchenko, Head of Payment Instruments and Credits Security Forum, EMA (Ukraine)

Insider threat and impersonation fraud
Mario Bruno, Lead Investigator, Citigroup (Netherlands) invited

Personalisation versus privacy
UK bank tbc

Protecting the branch and ATM network from attacks

Skimming and GEO-blocking, malware, darknet and intelligence gathering
Zsófia Darázs-Horváth, National Bureau of Investigation, Intelligence Department, Payment Card Fraud and Forgery of Money Unit (Hungary)

Strategies to prevent ATM skimming fraud
Security solutions provider and international bank tbc

IBNS – one of the strongest lines of defence
Security solutions provider and international bank tbc

Protecting ATMs from hacking and malware

Understanding the threats from ATM malware
Jaques Rosenzvaig, CEO, TecBan (Brazil)

Physiological attacks on ATMs
Nigel Constable, Chief Operating Officer, NoteMachine (UK)

Malware for jackpotting ATMs
Security solutions provider and UK bank tbc

Day 2: Wednesday 9th October 2019 (09:00-14:00)

Innovative solutions as anti-fraud measures

How to ensure PIN security

Miquel Perea i Borràs, ATM Project Manager, CaixaBank (Spain)

Biometrics to enable onboarding
Marcello Veronese, Director of Technology and Innovation, Saque e Pague (Brazil)

Biometric withdrawal at the ATM
Wale Williams, Head of IT, Guaranty Trust Bank (Nigeria)

The next frontier – humanising ATM authentication
Rolf Lindemann, Co-Chair, The FIDO Alliance (USA)

Collaboration in the fight against fraud

Facing up to financial crime
Tony Craddock, Director General, Emerging Payments Association (UK)

Fighting financial criminality in the UK
UK Police

Collaboration as defence
Security solutions provider and international bank tbc

Vulnerabilities in banking apps and what to do about them
Tom Chothia, Associate Professor in Cyber Security, University of Birmingham (UK)

Effective threat management

Social Engineering – an increasing threat to the business
Jan Persson, Senior Advisor to Chief of Staff, SEB (Sweden)

A customer-centric approach to data breach – protecting your brand and reputation
Mark Whitehead, Director UK Risk Advisory, Deloitte (UK)

How ATM innovation is improving customer experience and security
Sam Blackwell, Senior Research Analyst, RBR (UK)


Note: Order of sessions is indicative and subject to change