ATM & Cyber Security 2018


Day 1: Tuesday 9th October 2018

Opening keynote addresses

Profiling the latest cyber threats
Todd Renner, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI (USA)

INTERPOL and its ambition to tackle international financial crime
Rory Corcoran, Criminal Intelligence Officer, INTERPOL (France)

Cyber security in the banking sector
NCSC Senior, National Cyber Security Centre (UK)

Shared responsibilities: the importance of supply chain due diligence
Steven Kenny, Director of Systems, Information and Cyber Security, ASIS International (USA)

Social engineering – a major threat to the business
Jan Persson, Head of Global Security, SEB (Sweden)

Unicorn hunting – keeping an eye on which ATMs in your fleet are not like the others
Pat Telford, Principal Consultant, Microsoft (Canada)

Cybercrime – threats beyond physical boundaries

Red Teaming – building a threat-centric culture
Dale Pearson, Red Team Director, Barclays (UK)

Impersonation fraud scenarios – CEO/BEC fraud, how to protect, detect and respond
Mario Bruno, Lead Investigator, Citi Security and Investigative Services, Citigroup (Netherlands)

Security and Privacy begin with Trust
Adrian Howles, Security Manager, Westfield (UK) and Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Business Development Director, Genetec (Austria)

Physical security at ATMs and branches

Public-private partnerships successfully reduce crime
J.B. (Bart) Willemsen, Head of High Impact Crimes, Dutch National Police (Netherlands) and Bastiaan Beens, Global Product Management Director, TMD Security (Netherlands)

UK threat from ATM physical crime
Adrian Roberts, Detective Constable, West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit (UK)

Official European gas explosive test
Falko Adomat, Project Manager, European Security Systems Association, ESSA (Germany)

Combatting violent crime in the cash industry

Improving ATM safety with vagrancy video analytics
John Minster, VP Physical Security, TD Bank (USA)

Fighting criminality in the Nordic region
Mattias Rostedt, Head of Security, Nokas (Sweden)

CIT crime – the latest trends
Thierry Lebeaux, Secretary General, ESTA (Belgium)

Logical attacks at ATMs and other channels

Defending ATMs from malware threats
Aravinda Korala, CEO, KAL ATM Software (UK) and Michael J. Moltke, Head of TSC, FortConsult (Denmark)

Securing your most valuable business assets in the cloud
Rupert Lee-Brown, CEO, Caxton FX (UK)

Malware for jackpotting ATMs – cutlet maker
Olesya Danylchenko, Deputy Director, Head of Payment Instruments and Credits Security Forum, Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Members Association, EMA (Ukraine)

Closing remarks and drinks reception (everyone invited!)


Day 2: Wednesday 10th October 2018

Biometrics and advanced technology solutions

Biometrics at ATMs – a real case study
Minori Oka Junior, IT Superintendent, Itaú (Brazil)

Using biometrics within customer onboarding
Jannicke Birkevold, CEO, DNB ID Solutions, DNB (Norway)

India’s national biometric project – security and privacy Issues
Anupam Manur, Assistant Professor, Takshashila Institution (India)

Biometrics for the ATM – secure and convenient customer authentication
Alan Goode, CEO and Chief Analyst, Goode Intelligence (UK)

Fighting fraud internationally

Using industry collaboration to fight fraud
Tony Blake, Head of Fraud Prevention, and Russ Chinn, Detective Sergeant, Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (UK)

An update on international security standards
Jeremy King, International Director, PCI Security Standards Council (UK)

Cybercrime pays – drivers of data value on the dark web
Munish Walther-Puri, Chief Research Officer and Head of Intelligence Analytics, Terbium Labs (USA)

Closing keynote addresses

The suspicious nature of society – are certain cultures less predisposed to cyber threats than others?
Jochen Werne, Director, Bankhaus August Lenz (Germany)

Cyber in the boardroom – current topics
Paul Taylor, UK Head of Cyber Security, KPMG (UK)

A research perspective on the latest threats and prevention measures
Alex Maple, Senior Research Analyst, RBR (UK)